The Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Cat O’ Nine from Peaches & Cream

fetish fantasy floggerOne Thursday, while I was killing time between meetings, I stopped in at Peaches & Cream‘s Henderson branch on Lincoln Road. I was just kind of casually browsing, but I picked up a Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Deluxe Cat O’Nine flogger and tested it on my arm. To my delight, it was sharp and snappy, and goosebumps raced over my skin.

The Fetish Fantasy line is aimed at beginners to all things kinky, so the price is very reasonable – and quality-wise, you definitely get what you pay for. This flogger is made of vinyl with metal screws, and can be tricky to keep clean. However, it has held together quite well in the months that I’ve owned it, so no complaints about the $25 price tag!

I quite enjoy the stingy feeling of the vinyl falls, especially on my arms, chest and upper back. Because this flogger is lightweight, it is easy to swing and fairly balanced. It has retained that new-vinyl smell, and is quite pleasing to the eye. Including falls, it’s about 50cm long.

As a beginner flogger for those who want sting, this isn’t a bad choice! I always suggest you try impact toys before you buy, but for such a sweet price you may want to take a gamble on this.¬†You may well be able to find it cheaper elsewhere too, as P&C can have quite a mark-up.

Rating: 6/10