The Body Wand from Femplay

The first time I ever spent over $100 online was on a sex toy. The Body Wand original massager, to be precise, from  And OH MY GOD was it worth it!

body wand personal massager

Femplay was recommended to me by a friend on Fetlife when I was looking for something else but when I loaded the site, the Body Wand was on special, right there on the front page. After all the hype I’ve read about personal massagers (like the Hitachi Magic Wand), I knew I had to give the Body Wand a go. I paid $129 for it, but even it’s regular price of $139 is awesome for such a strong, rumbly, mains-powered vibrator. And hey, it works a treat on sore neck muscles too!

My parcel arrived quickly via courier and the Body Wand box was securely packed within.

femplay_bodywandThe Body Wand box is aesthetically pleasing, and pretty subtle. The wand inside did not come with any other storage, so I put the box to one side carefully.

Honestly, I was mostly interested in plugging that baby in! It comes with a NZ-compliant plug, so no adaptor needed, and the cord is reasonably long. I use the wand in bed, with it plugged in behind my bedside table, and there’s plenty of slack.

I cover the head of my Body Wand with a condom (do-able, but can be a bit tricky to wriggle it on!) because I want to share the wand, and it makes for easier clean up, as obviously the wand isn’t waterproof. I have used toy cleaner wipes to keep it clean, but have to say the grooves in the head are determined to collect dust, so that could be an issue for some people.

The vibrations are strong, and it’s a true multi-speed device as the control button is a wheel so you can easily dial up or down in strength as needed. Because it’s A/C powered, you get deep rumbly vibrations… which happen to be my fave. The head is solid, on a flexible neck so that you can manoeuvre it as needed. You do feel vibration affecting your hand as you handle the wand, but in general it’s easy to hold.

Orgasms come easily and quickly when I use this myself, and my partner is particularly deft at using it to edge me or make me come multiple times. The only potential issue is that I have desensitised myself before, after using the wand too many times for too long. Awkward! But after leaving off for a few days, everything was back to normal.

Honestly, this wand is still one of my favourite toys and I highly recommend it.

Rating: 9/10