The LELO Mona 2 from d.vice

Here’s the thing about the Mona 2 from LELO: it ticks a lot of boxes.

mona 2 checklist

It’s quiet, too. I use it in bed, under the covers, and my partner doesn’t stir. My flatmates can’t overhear anything. Hell, my cat doesn’t notice even when she’s curled up on my feet.

The Mona 2 has quite a following amongst sex toy bloggers, and that’s why I chose it. I figured it was worth the investment. Because, let’s face it, LELO toys aren’t cheap. But think of this as an investment in your happiness, and as Donna & Tom from Parks & Rec would say, “TREAT YO SELF!” I bought my Mona 2 from d.vice on Ponsonby Road.

LELO products come beautifully packaged: the Mona 2 has a thick matte black box that it calls home, and a beautiful storage pouch to keep it safe. These days, the Mona 2 sits in its pouch in my bedside table because I use it damn near daily.

lelo mona 2 from dviceI tend to use the Mona 2 internally first, on one of the escalating patterns until my g-spot can’t take it anymore, and then finish using it on my clitoris, making for a fantastic orgasm. It is the perfect shape, girth and length, to hit all my most sensitive spots, and the vibration strength is perfect – on max, it’s strong but not de-sensitising. Because the Mona 2 has a tapered point at the end, you can direct pressure and vibration with pinpoint accuracy, or lay the body of it against the curve of your genitals to cover more area.

LELO says a fully charged Mona 2 will last for two hours, and I’ve found that to be accurate. You can lock it by pressing the – and + buttons at the same time and holding for three seconds. The buttons will light up, showing that it’s locked, and to unlock you simply repeat the action.

I’m not a big user of lube but something water-based (I’m a fan of Sliquid Sassy) works really well with the silky soft silicone surface of this vibe. This vibe is super easy to clean up as its fully waterproof – even if you get water in the charge port on the end, it’s vacuum sealed internally. I tend to wash mine with soap & water, but you can use a 10% bleach solution to sanitise it if need be.

To summarise, the LELO Mona 2 is my fave, and I highly recommend it.

Rating: 10/10


The Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Cat O’ Nine from Peaches & Cream

fetish fantasy floggerOne Thursday, while I was killing time between meetings, I stopped in at Peaches & Cream‘s Henderson branch on Lincoln Road. I was just kind of casually browsing, but I picked up a Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Deluxe Cat O’Nine flogger and tested it on my arm. To my delight, it was sharp and snappy, and goosebumps raced over my skin.

The Fetish Fantasy line is aimed at beginners to all things kinky, so the price is very reasonable – and quality-wise, you definitely get what you pay for. This flogger is made of vinyl with metal screws, and can be tricky to keep clean. However, it has held together quite well in the months that I’ve owned it, so no complaints about the $25 price tag!

I quite enjoy the stingy feeling of the vinyl falls, especially on my arms, chest and upper back. Because this flogger is lightweight, it is easy to swing and fairly balanced. It has retained that new-vinyl smell, and is quite pleasing to the eye. Including falls, it’s about 50cm long.

As a beginner flogger for those who want sting, this isn’t a bad choice! I always suggest you try impact toys before you buy, but for such a sweet price you may want to take a gamble on this. You may well be able to find it cheaper elsewhere too, as P&C can have quite a mark-up.

Rating: 6/10

The Body Wand from Femplay

The first time I ever spent over $100 online was on a sex toy. The Body Wand original massager, to be precise, from  And OH MY GOD was it worth it!

body wand personal massager

Femplay was recommended to me by a friend on Fetlife when I was looking for something else but when I loaded the site, the Body Wand was on special, right there on the front page. After all the hype I’ve read about personal massagers (like the Hitachi Magic Wand), I knew I had to give the Body Wand a go. I paid $129 for it, but even it’s regular price of $139 is awesome for such a strong, rumbly, mains-powered vibrator. And hey, it works a treat on sore neck muscles too!

My parcel arrived quickly via courier and the Body Wand box was securely packed within.

femplay_bodywandThe Body Wand box is aesthetically pleasing, and pretty subtle. The wand inside did not come with any other storage, so I put the box to one side carefully.

Honestly, I was mostly interested in plugging that baby in! It comes with a NZ-compliant plug, so no adaptor needed, and the cord is reasonably long. I use the wand in bed, with it plugged in behind my bedside table, and there’s plenty of slack.

I cover the head of my Body Wand with a condom (do-able, but can be a bit tricky to wriggle it on!) because I want to share the wand, and it makes for easier clean up, as obviously the wand isn’t waterproof. I have used toy cleaner wipes to keep it clean, but have to say the grooves in the head are determined to collect dust, so that could be an issue for some people.

The vibrations are strong, and it’s a true multi-speed device as the control button is a wheel so you can easily dial up or down in strength as needed. Because it’s A/C powered, you get deep rumbly vibrations… which happen to be my fave. The head is solid, on a flexible neck so that you can manoeuvre it as needed. You do feel vibration affecting your hand as you handle the wand, but in general it’s easy to hold.

Orgasms come easily and quickly when I use this myself, and my partner is particularly deft at using it to edge me or make me come multiple times. The only potential issue is that I have desensitised myself before, after using the wand too many times for too long. Awkward! But after leaving off for a few days, everything was back to normal.

Honestly, this wand is still one of my favourite toys and I highly recommend it.

Rating: 9/10